develop personal leadership

"Based on mutual trust and transparency we will find your personal goals to go the X-mile. 
We should all take our own leadership. Not just ceo's, but all leaders, managers and team members. The world needs true leadership to empower people around us!"

using mountains as mirrors

Better and sustainable business is all about searching for personal truth.

From experience we dare to say that mountains have proven to be perfect mirrors of people's state of mind. 

The impressive natural environment will make you humble and combined with several days of digital detox people do get closer to who they really are and want to be.

Based on mutual trust and transparency we will find and feed your personal goals together.

for inner growth

Starting this personal yourney takes a - sometimes tough - process of eliminating inner blockages and limiting beliefs.

It goes without saying that our ChamoiX coaches will use their professional expertise and years of experience to guide you. 
We set you up for action and challenge you to explore and experience new ideas. Above all we encourage you to take ownership of your own learning and development journey. 

and better connections

To connect with others, you have to connect with yourself.

We can help you reflect on who you are and what you do. On the decisions you make and how you interact with your people and your environment.

Our coaches can be a catalyst and accelerator. Always pursueing personal connection, dedication, respect and a bit of laughter; the most underestimated prerequisite for human connection.


Yes I want to take ownership for my learning journey

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