for better business leadership

"ChamoiX coaching & development guides high performing CEO's, leaders and teams at exploring the heart of their business. We will take you into stunning high altitude nature to find new insights for business challenges and executional intelligence.  On demand supported by business university professors."

with ChamoiX coaching

ChamoiX coaches, facilitators and mountain guides challenge you to get close to the heart of your business.

We talk with you, your team and your organization. About things that matter for your business, because this is about putting the fish on the table!

Together we try to find the keys that can make a change happen from the peoples hearts. From there we inspire team members and leaders to take next steps with us.

We will guide you in the process of taking the lead in your own passion. And from experience we can tell... that's when you can get results you never dared to dream about.

you take the first step

In just a one-hour drive from Geneva airport we will reach Chamonix valley in the French Alps. 

To unlock your human potential, we first take you to a simple mountain chalet, instead of a modern congress center. With stunning views of high mountain tops that characterize Chamonix valley.

There we will submerge into natural life, searching for answers while walking, talking and executing our team exercises. 

To find new insights for business challenges and executional intelligence we can even invite highly valued outdoor professionals and professors from IMD business university in Lausanne.

to sustainable success

But... we need your biggest commitment. You and your team have to be willing to reach for the top. 

Only then you can change old patterns and underground movements that frustrated change for a long time! 

And last but not least..., we will also guide you at the execution process afterwards. In or outside your own office. 

To make the change a sustainable corporate success and not just a team building souvenir. 

We would love to tell you more about developing sustainable success.

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